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Equine Feed


Equine Merit Pleasure 12% 50#

For quality nutrition of horses at maintenance, Equine Merit promotes the good health of your horse by aiding in fiber digestion and providing the proper amino acid balance. With 12% crude protein, give your horse the quality nutrition it deserves.

Equine Merit Balancer 33%

To complete your horse's nutritional profile, Equine Merit Balancer provides a multitude of benefits when added to your grain. By supplying essential protein, vitamins, and minerals, Equine Merit Balancer provides a flexible, palatable diet to horses of varying ages, weight ranges, and activity levels.

Equine Merit Minerals 20#

Available in bagged or block form, Equine Merit Minerals provide the vitamins and minerals that your horse needs to do its best. As an important part of energy metabolism and an organic source of copper, zinc, manganese, and cobalt, Equine Merit Minerals help your horse reach its peak performance.

18% Milk Balancer

18% Milk Balancer is a complete feed for replacing ground corn mixes. It is an economical choice with balanced nutrition. It has calcium-phosphorus and all trace minerals, with vitamins and selenium included.

Bag Feed Varieties

Purina UltiumUltium-Horse-Feed

Purina Ultium Competition Horse Formula is nutrient dense and highly efficient so you actually feed less. Pellets and extruded nuggets prevent sorting, reduce waste and transport easily contains a blend of three fuel sources that provide a steady flow of energy for developing and growing foals.  Powerful antioxidants destroy free radicals and bolster a healthier immune system, reducing muscle damage.


Purina StrategyPurina-Strategy

Purina Strategy horse feed revolutionized nutrition for horses of all ages and lifestyles providing for maintenance, growing, breeding and performance.


Country Acres Horse FeedCountry-Acres-Horse-Feed

Country Acres® Sweet 12 Horse Feed is an economical sweet feed for adult horses formulated with 12%. protein plus vitamins and minerals. Recommended to feed Country Acres Feed with hay and/or pasture to make a complete ration for horses.