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Dairy Feed

Cow Feeds

Customize Mixes
Give us a call for all your needs, contact Jim Bohl at (715) 723-2828.

Formulation 38 Pellet

Rally Base, from Land O' Lakes feed, is proven to provide feed intake benefits. Cows in lactation have been shown to increase production by 3-4lbs. of milk per day.

Transcow Base "Rally"
Transcow Base "Rally" can help to prevent metabolic disorders in dairy cows, such as milk fever and ketosis.

18% Dairy Ration
This product is a complete feed for replacing ground corn mixes. It is an economical choice with balanced nutrition. It has calcium-phosphorus and all trace minerals, with vitamins and selenium included.

Liquid Feed

Rivery Country Co-op is a supplier of QLF (Quality Liquid Feed) and carries the following varieties. For more information regarding either individual feeds or QLF in general, please feel free to call (715) 723-2828

  • QLF Molasses NAT6
  • QLF Super 24 BOV
  • QLF Select 40
  • QLF 4-19
  • QLF 36-16
  • QLF Energizer 5-30 Fat
  • QLF - 100CW
  • QLF Dairy 20-20

The effectiveness of QLF lies within its use of only the finest grade vitamins and minerals and a patented production process that assures the effectiveness of its liquid feeds. Made with pure cane molasses, QLF provides the energy sugars that your herd needs for better weight gain and healthier animals.

QLF - Quality is our first priority.

Cow Fly Control

Now dealing with pesky and irritating flies is easier than ever. With River Country Co-op's block fly controllers, you can lick the fly problem effortlessly.

  • Block Rumensin
  • Block Fly w/Rabon


Heifer Feeds

The heifer stage is one of the most important periods for growing dairy cattle, and River Country Co-op understands that. Along with the feeds listed here, River Country provides many options for giving your growing animals the nutrition they need to become productive cows.

Ampli-Calf Starter 22 B60
This product is a high protein, texturized calf starter for calves just born to age 12 weeks. This starter is formulated to be fed with Cow's Match milk replacer.

Ampli-Calf Starter 20 B60
For calves from birth to 12 weeks of age, Herd Maker Supreme B90 is a high-energy, texturized formulation for early intake and a fast start. With a high-molasses formula and the available option of integrated Bovatec or decoquinate, Herd Maker Supreme gives your calves and heifers the early push they need.

Intense Calf WSC Mixer  B60
For calves age 6 months through 15 months, Heifer Edge Supplement R172 is specially designed for growing replacement heifers. Made as a 38% supplement/mixer pellet with high mineral and vitamin levels, Heifer edge is available with Rumensin, Bovatec, decoquinate, or unmedicated.

Calf Milk Producers

Getting the right start is vital to ensuring the future of young calves. To help with this process, River Country Co-op offers a variety of milk replacers to help give your calves the early boost they need.

Amplifier Max BOV/BM
Using the unique Architect Formulation System combination of protein, fat and carbohydrate, Amplifier Max NT has a formula designed for premium performance. The added bonus of antibiotics fight off stress-related health problems and make Amplifier Max NT a smart decision.

Cow's Match BOV/BM
This product provides the quality and level of protein found in mother's milk. With 28% protein from high quality milk sources and 20% fat, plus infused medicated formula with neo-Terramycin, Cow's Match NT milk replacer is the perfect alternative to milk fresh from the cow.

Maxi Care Plus BOV/BM
This Milk Replacer provides the nutrition needed for growing calves, and also works as scour prevention.

Cows Match ColdFront BOV/BM
In cooler temperatures, calves require more dietary energy for maintenance of body condition, optimal growth and immune function. Cow’s Match ColdFront formula calf milk replacer was developed to deliver optimal combinations of protein, energy and technologies to help during times of cold stress.